About the artwork and contact options

Since 1995 I have painted hundreds of urban landscapes using ink, dye and graphite. More recently I have also been exploring landscapes that are further from big cities, and show different signs of human interference, and making prints and drawings on paper using a variety of media.

My home and studio are in Portland, Oregon and I travel extensively through the US.

Galleries of paintings are arranged chronologically and also by category. Most of the pieces are ink and dye on Vinci board, which is a discontinued clay-coated scratchboard originally used in medical illustration: work done in other media is included in the category dropdown. All thumbnails are linked to larger images. Work that was created before I owned a scanner will be added when I decide I really want to scan 60 slides.

I will be glad to answer questions about the availability of any specific piece.

General comments on the site are welcome, but inquiries about commissions, meetings or interviews should be sent using the form below to protect your personal contact information. Those who love pen and paper are welcome to write to me at 4076 NE 14th Avenue, Portland, OR 97212.

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