84, 30, 4, 14. Froelick Gallery, July 16-August 24, 2013

“We travel with the hope that something unexpected will happen.” -Andrew Bird

When I go out to make sketches and photographs for a painting, sometimes I wind up painting the structure that was my intended destination, and sometimes I find accidental landscapes, where light and weather have temporarily transformed a random spot by the side of the road. I usually find those places because I am waiting for something, because the trip has gone awry in some way. What I was waiting for becomes less interesting than what I am looking at.

The hope for something unexpected applies to the technical process of creating the art in the show as well. When I interpret the same subject using different media (intaglio, monotype, dye paintings, as well as the preliminary images) I find that each method expresses a different mood or approach, and has different surprises.

The show is named for four of the highways that parallel the Columbia River.

Special thanks to Gabriel Liston and Jane Pagliarulo at Atelier Meridian for their technical assistance and encouragement.